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Working for ATN

ATN is a relatively young company with an impressive history. Founded in 1999, we soon built a reputation for high-quality application technology and cutting-edge automation systems for the manufacturing industry. And that reputation stands firm today – we are one of the world’s leading application system businesses.

If there’s one word that sums up ATN’s story, that word is growth. Founded with just one employee, we now have over 450 staff at our head office in Oppach and our locations in the USA, Brazil, China and Spain. That would not have been possible without the commitment, creativity and passion of our people.

We offer every one of our employees a wealth of development and promotion opportunities depending on their area, whether through advanced training, new qualifications or long-standing experience with the company.
We believe that the key success factors in acquiring skilled personnel and passing on our expertise include solid apprenticeship training and ensuring that our students are effectively involved in ATN’s work processes.

Our staff have the freedom to come up with their own ideas and solutions as they go about their jobs. In turn, this creative freedom helps us enhance our products and develop new technical approaches. Our comprehensive employment package also includes attractive fringe benefits, a variety of working-time models and help with the cost of travel to work – all of which we consider important to an employee-friendly workplace.

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Meet ATN A conversation answers a lot of questions.

Whether you’re a school-leaver, a student or an experienced professional, you’re bound to have questions about vocational training, studies or working life. We attend lots of careers events and we’d love to tell you about the opportunities that ATN can offer.