Supply Industry

Due to our many years of experience in the automotive industry we also offer innovative solutions for the supply industry for implementation of application and automation systems. Our offer stretches from the pre-treatment of parts, over joining and bonding components to complete assembly systems.
A major factor in the development and implementation of system concepts are quality requirements of the automotive end-customer and the cycle time requirements of the supplier.

system for gluing and spot welding of body elements
Panorama roff gluing
combined cleaning and primer system

Application Technology

  • Barrel Draining System
  • Dosing System
  • Application Tower
  • Nozzle Cleaning
  • Applicators
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Manual Application System
  • Application Control
  • Tubing

Details Application Technology

Automation Technology

  • Input Station
  • Transportation System
  • Centering
  • Output Station
  • Control System
  • Bolting Technology

Levels of Automation

  • Manual Systems (including emergency strategies)
  • Semi-automated Systems
  • Fully Automated Systems

Automation System for the Supply Industry

The video shows a fully automated bonding system for panoramic windows with a pre-assembly process.

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E-mobility is changing the automotive industry

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