E-mobility is changing the automotive industry

E-mobility is currently changing the world of vehicles and automotive. But not only vehicles, drive technologies and mobility concepts are changing as well. Production is also redefined, which also includes increasingly complex and flexible automation processes. This results in new challenges for vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers and plant manufacturers. Production and automation processes have to be redeveloped and are currently growing together with the vehicle and battery concepts.

ATN as a partner for e-mobility

As an application and automation specialist, ATN has been involved from the  start into the change. While at the beginning existing cars were upgraded to electric or hybrid vehicles, today vehicle concepts are generally developed  according aspects of e-mobility and are brought to series production or volume production.

As an experienced partner, we are able to support in all phases of production from beginning with  plant design up to the finished application or automation solution with our technology and our expertise. For optimal development and preparation, our large R & D area is available for extensive production or material testing.

References in e-mobility

  • Installation of battery modules (underbody, trunk)
  • Automation equipment for pretreatment, bonding, installation and screwing of battery modules
  • Integration of external processes
  • Dosing of thermo-paste (gapfiller)
  • Gluing of lightweight components

Referenzen in der E-Mobilität

  • Einbau von Batteriemodulen (Unterboden, Kofferraum)
  • Automatisierungsanlagen zu Vorbehandlung, Kleben, Verbauen und Schrauben von Batteriemodulen
  • Integration von externen Prozessen
  • Dosierung von Thermopasten (Gapfiller)
  • Kleben von Leichtbaukomponenten

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