ATN Hölzel GmbH – The company

ATN Hölzel GmbH is an innovative, medium-sized builder of special machinery and systems, specialising in application technology and automation. While the initial plan was simply to manufacture and develop application technology, the associated system engineering and automation evolved simultaneously at the customer’s request.

Today, ATN Hölzel GmbH supplies state-of-the-art application and automation systems, and is one of the industry’s leading companies. Our products and systems are primarily used in the automotive, automotive supplier, and solar sectors. Our customers’ requirements act as the specifications for developing an optimum system concept or providing the necessary application technology.

Having "everything under one roof" is an advantage all our customers benefit from.

The interplay of application technology and system engineering, but particularly also the entire development and manufacturing process for a specific customer product, from design to turnkey handover, all happens at the ATN Hölzel GmbH premises, with highly qualified and motivated staff acting with and out of passion in every division.

Maintaining links with the region is also an important factor for us. We consider it our responsibility to support regional initiatives, associations and campaigns. A particular focus area is that of aiding and encouraging children and adolescents. Ensuring they have strong ties with the region is a pre-requisite for guaranteeing Saxony’s sustainability as an economic centre.


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