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Expertise in safety & HRC
Human-robot collaboration

Germany is a world-leader in mechanical engineering and automation technology. Increasingly volatile markets, ever-more customized and complex products and new process requirements – e.g. due to Industry 4.0 – are driving specific transformations in both fields.

But new technologies are bringing those challenges within reach. For example, the use of lightweight robots is a rising trend. These are specifically designed to support and assist humans, which is why we often see the term ‘HRC’ (human-robot collaboration).

Having planned, designed and produced these types of systems, ATN already has years of experience in this area. We’ve already implemented a number of plants using KUKA iiwa robots and the Universal Robots UR series.

ATN is a member of the SafeMate research project.

The aim of the SafeMate project is to develop general strategies and concepts for the introduction and design of such systems. These general strategies are to be summarized in a guideline intended to help companies in their decision-making and action-planning when designing collaborative assembly systems.

LBR iiwa

UR5 und UR10 von Universal Robots


UR Controller und Teach Pendant

Sunrise Cabinet

UR Teach Pendant


  • The robots are compact
  • They are also light and therefore mobile
  • Tools are easy to change by hand
  • Quiet
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to reprogram
  • Manual teaching: create or change programs quickly and easily
  • Interfaces suitable for most industrial sensors
  • Low implementation cost
  • Rapid ROI

Uses & applications

  • Component cleaning
  • Priming or activation
  • Glue application
  • Cavity foaming
  • Small parts assembly
  • Measuring applications (2D and 3D measurements)

UR10 tests at the ATN technology centre

We put the UR10 through extensive tests at the ATN technology centre, fitting it with a variety of primer and glue application tools and simulating a number of different application scenarios. In the process we also tested the robot’s mounting positions: standing or suspended.

Technical specifications for the robots KUKA LBR iiwa and the UR series of the company Universal Robots.

Overview KUKA LBR iiwaOverview UR Series Universal Robots