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E-mobility solutions

Electromobility is transforming the automotive arena. Changing vehicles, drive technologies and mobility concepts necessitate a redefining of production methods, including in the form of increasingly complex and flexible automation processes. Consequently, vehicle, battery and plant manufacturers are facing new challenges. They need to redevelop their production and automation processes while ensuring those processes are aligned with developments in vehicle and battery design.

E-mobility partnership with ATN

As an application and automation specialist, ATN has been instrumental in this transformation since day one. While in the early days it was a case of upgrading existing vehicles to electric or hybrid, today’s emerging vehicle concepts are designed exclusively around e-mobility and fully developed for series production.

Extensive experience in e-mobility application and automation processes

Our expertise in concept engineering, application technologies and plant automation covers all the required process flows to implement your battery cell or module production process, including assembly and mounting.

Our systems enable virtually any application process with, in some cases still emerging, technological demands. Our cutting-edge technology centre, where we carry out the required material and component tests, also plays a key role.

Application technology services

  • Concept engineering

  • Pretreatment of gluing surfaces (cleaning/plasma/priming/activation)

  • Component bonding and sealing

  • Paste and filler dispensing

Plant automation services

  • Concept engineering
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Plant automation
  • Assembly and mounting of individual components or entire batteries
  • Integration of bolting systems and other processes

References in the e-mobility sector

  • Battery module mounting
  • Systems including pretreatment, gluing, mounting and bolting processes
  • External process integration
  • Thermopaste dispensing (Gapfiller)
  • Engineering consulting for applications and assembly lines