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Application system solutions

Material application plays a major role in today’s industrial production. It involves a wide range of materials including fluids, glues and setting compounds, which are used for example to improve surface qualities, bond materials of all kinds, cast components or inject foam into cavities. In many areas these applications are augmenting or taking the place of traditional processes. In glue application particularly, classic bonding processes are being replaced or combined with the positive attributes of gluing.

As a specialist in application and automation systems, ATN has extensive experience and technical expertise in developing, producing and commissioning application technology components and systems. Over 1000 ATN gluing and dosing systems for a variety of application processes are in use in over 300 automation systems and countless standalone applications worldwide. Our systems are suitable for a wide range of material properties including high- to low-viscosity, highly filled, abrasive and even aggressive.

ATN’s reliable products guarantee superb application results, from material delivery to precision dispensing.

Product overview

ATN products are designed to realize and customize a host of application processes across the whole of industry.

Process overview

Application process automation is one of ATN’s core business areas. Whatever your process, we have the solution.

Process automation overview

Your Project with ATN

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