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Scribing systems

Our IMS (Independent Marking System) product line is used for unique, tamper-proof component identification. This process is called scribing.

Tamper-proof vehicle and component marking

ATN’s IMS is modular and therefore flexible, making it suitable for a wide range of application areas as well as for concept changes in production processes. We provide everything from manual workstations, to workshop solutions, to integration in fully automated plants.

The font editor integrated in the controller allows you to scale any single-line font for a highly customized typeface.

Scribing system components

IMS applicators

IMS applicators are designed for maximum precision, repeatability and high marking speeds. Specially shaped and featuring a built-in height control mechanism, they maintain the required penetration depth even on uneven or cambered surfaces.

Our IMS applicators are fitted with a diamond tip, and we supply a wide range of additional options that make them flexible for different applications. The workpiece material hardness, the type of diamond needle used and a pneumatic pressure setting determine the scribing depth and shape.

Optional functions

  • Customization of requirements-specific workpiece clamps and locks
  • Cleaning system for chip removal and discharge (AL and AK series)
  • IMS coupling (AL and AK series)
  • IMS quality control (AL and AK series)
  • Connection to process control system (ML series)
  • Scanner (ML series)
  • Manual data input (ML series)

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IMS controller

The IMS controller can be integrated in virtually any customer-specific plant control system. It controls the drives and provides communication between the application head and any higher-level control system.

Design and function

  • Consists of a CNC controller and an industrial PC
  • Available as a standalone system (including manipulator control)
  • Integrated visualization
  • Integrated font editor
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Plausibility check

IMS coupling

Where required, IMS applicators can be fitted with a variety of quick-change couplings for rapid tooling changes in automated plants. For guaranteed functionality and error-free communication, we supply a range of quick-change couplings specially designed for use with the IMS.

There is also an optional floating mount and head coding for the couplings.

IMS quality control

To ensure high-quality scribing with the IMS we also offer a range of quality-monitoring and -verification modules for individual or combined use.

Typeface verification – checks that the typeface is correct and complete.

Marking area verification – checks the positioning and size of the scribed typeface, including a target/actual comparison.

Depth verification – checks the required minimum scribing depth using a patented precision depth measurement system.

Needle-break monitoring – maintains scribing quality by monitoring wear and cleaning the needle.

ATN’s reliable products guarantee superb application results, from material delivery to precision dispensing.

Product overview

ATN products are designed to realize and customize a host of application processes across the whole of industry.

Process overview

Application process automation is one of ATN’s core business areas. Whatever your process, we have the solution.

Process automation overview

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Information about our products, services and company.

Product & information brochures
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Hire & leasing

Whether to cope with peak order periods, keep things running during a temporary breakdown or avoid tying up your capital, there are lots of reasons to use hire or leasing products. ATN provides solutions tailored to your needs. From single components to complete systems, take advantage of ATN’s proven application technology – fast, flexible and customized to your needs. Whether it’s only the product you want or an all-inclusive package with full maintenance and service provision, we help you keep your processes running.

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Service & Support

Depending on their purpose, application systems are subject to wear and require maintenance. This is detailed in the maintenance, spares and wear parts schedules provided when we deliver your products and systems. Alongside our spare parts service we offer a variety of service plans. From comprehensive servicing to a wide range of training courses for your employees, we guarantee to keep your systems and application processes up and running for years to come.

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ATN as a partner

Whatever the sector, when it comes to industrial production, ATN application technology is a reassuring constant on the international stage. And our long-standing business relationships with customers reflect that. For example, we work as a systems partner to co-develop new production technologies as well as agreeing long-term framework contracts for specific application areas. These customer partnerships are testament to the high technological standards, reliability and service we provide in our application systems.

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Your Satisfaction is Our GoalCustomers & partners throughout the world

ATN stands for Innovation, individual consulting and superior product quality. For more than 20 years now, customers from a range of industries have been relying on our tailored system designs and our products’ proven reliability.

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