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Product overview


Appilication controller

The ATN IFC application control system is used to control all components for a regulated material application.

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Barrel emptying systems

ATN barrel emptying systems supply glues, sealants and fillers from 20 to 1000 liters barrels.

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Dosing systems

ATN's dosing systems allow very accurate dispensing of a wide range of materials, from low to high viscosity.

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Application towers

ATN application towers can be used for application processes such as cleaning, primering and gluing.

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Nozzle cleaning units

Frequently cleaning of the application nozzles is required for high-quality material application.

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Applicators represent the end of the material flow as part of the bonding process and are used to apply materials to the workpiece.

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Material hoses

Flexible material hoses or rigid pipework hoses are used to transport the application material.

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Manual application systems

For manual material application or as backup for systems in automated series production.

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Profile seal bonding systems

Know-how and technology for new and existing profile seal application plants.

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Foaming technology

Foaming system technology for manual and automated foaming processes of various types.


Ritzprägetechnik IMS

Scribing systems

The products of our scribing technology IMS (Independent Marking System) are used for the clear, tamper-proof marking of components.

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