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Application towers 

ATN supplies a range of application towers for stationary material application to robot-guided components in semi- or fully automated plants. Their configurations, functions and components can be tailored to your needs and process requirements.

Application towers for plant automation

ATN application towers can be used for application processes such as cleaning, priming and gluing, or a combination of processes. Fully automatic nozzle cleaning can also be incorporated in the process. For some plants and workpieces, an application tower can help simplify the automation and application process.

Cleaning fluid and primer application tower

Our cleaning fluid and primer application tower is specially designed for the pre- and post-treatment of surfaces in preparation for gluing processes. It can be set up for cleaning fluids, activators or primers, and for other materials on request.

ATN’s proven technology is suitable for any cleaning and priming process and can, in some cases, also be combined on a single application tower.

Design and function

  • Material feed through pressure vessel
  • Spray, brush or felt application through spray unit, diaphragm valve or dispenser
  • Purging and cleaning unit for regular cleaning
  • Application unit can be swung back for maintenance work

Optional functions

  • Compensating application unit to allow for component tolerances
  • Combined primer and cleaning head
  • Primer application tower for two primer heads (different base frame)

Glue application towers

We supply a range of glue application towers designed for different bead types, single or multiple beads (for large surfaces) and different application nozzle positions, as well as for adding components such as nozzle cleaning units. The dosing system and application head are positioned on the tower, which can also be fitted with an optional bead monitor.

Our glue application towers can apply one- and two-component materials ranging from low to high viscosity. The only aspect of the tower influenced by material properties is the positioning of the application nozzle.  

ApplicationProfiled and round beadsProfiled and round beadsProfiled and round beads Round beads
ApplicatorsVN series, PE seriesVN series, PE seriesVN series, PE seriesDB series
Max. dosing units4234
  • Good expansion options (e.g. priming unit, nozzle cleaning unit)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good workpiece handling within production cells
  • Good expansion options (e.g. priming unit, nozzle cleaning unit)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Overhead application
  • Versions for various application directions
  • Up to 3 nozzle bars with 4 application nozzles each (for large-surface application)
  • Nozzles can be activated and shut off individually

ATN’s reliable products guarantee superb application results, from material delivery to precision dispensing.

Product overview

ATN products are designed to realize and customize a host of application processes across the whole of industry.

Process overview

Application process automation is one of ATN’s core business areas. Whatever your process, we have the solution.

Process automation overview

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Hire & leasing

Whether to cope with peak order periods, keep things running during a temporary breakdown or avoid tying up your capital, there are lots of reasons to use hire or leasing products. ATN provides solutions tailored to your needs. From single components to complete systems, take advantage of ATN’s proven application technology – fast, flexible and customized to your needs. Whether it’s only the product you want or an all-inclusive package with full maintenance and service provision, we help you keep your processes running.

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Service & Support

Depending on their purpose, application systems are subject to wear and require maintenance. This is detailed in the maintenance, spares and wear parts schedules provided when we deliver your products and systems. Alongside our spare parts service we offer a variety of service plans. From comprehensive servicing to a wide range of training courses for your employees, we guarantee to keep your systems and application processes up and running for years to come.

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ATN as a partner

Whatever the sector, when it comes to industrial production, ATN application technology is a reassuring constant on the international stage. And our long-standing business relationships with customers reflect that. For example, we work as a systems partner to co-develop new production technologies as well as agreeing long-term framework contracts for specific application areas. These customer partnerships are testament to the high technological standards, reliability and service we provide in our application systems.

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Your Satisfaction is Our GoalCustomers & partners throughout the world

ATN stands for Innovation, individual consulting and superior product quality. For more than 20 years now, customers from a range of industries have been relying on our tailored system designs and our products’ proven reliability.

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