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Component marking in production processes is required for many reasons, including unique identification, traceability or legal requirements.

Scribing is a pneumatic process that pushes a diamond needle into the material surface at specific points, changing the structure of the metal where the needle makes contact. An axis drive moves the needle in the X- and Y-direction, leaving a continuous depression in the material. One major field of application for IMS technology is the tamper-proof inscription of the vehicle identification number (VIN), an internationally standardized 17-character unique identifier. Other components, such as engines, housings and plant components, can also be marked in this way.

ATN’s reliable products guarantee superb application results, from material delivery to precision dispensing.

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ATN products are designed to realize and customize a host of application processes across the whole of industry.

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Application process automation is one of ATN’s core business areas. Whatever your process, we have the solution.

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