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Profile seal bonding Our product for fully automatic rubber profile seal application

Our fully automatic rubber profile seal application systems consist of various standard components that can be assembled and tailored to suit your needs.

An individual robot-guided gripper picks up the workpiece on which the seal profile is to be applied. We also supply combination grippers for multiple door types as well as a gripper quick-change system.

A stationary application head, which can be adjusted for different thicknesses, applies the rubber seal. The application head also ensures the required contact pressure, compression and position.

An automatic unwinding unit supplies the application head with material and can be fitted with single-use or reusable roll trolleys which are then evenly unwound. The material supply system can also be replenished with the cells in automatic mode by fitting a buffer reservoir.

This ensures uninterrupted production (buffering of up to 65 m of seal) but also tension-free seal profile storage and feeding, which means that the seal is handled gently throughout. The buffer reservoir can be fitted with optional air conditioning to prevent temperature changes from affecting the seal profile’s material properties.

Guaranteed, assured quality is a priority at ATN. That’s why we developed a position-detection system which measures the relative position of the seal to the door after application. The advantage of this is that measured values are always correctly recorded and evaluated in any situation regardless of gripper type, door contour or sensor position.

You can also incorporate additional options into the door seal application process, such as butt fusing, drain hole drilling or gluing-surface cleaning.

New plants

  • System concepts for application on vehicle doors, panorama glass sunroofs and other components
  • Profile seal application as continuous or cut-to-length seal
  • Fully automatic butt bonding
  • Quality monitoring and ensuring correct seal positioning during application

Services for existing plants

  • Type integration
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Spare parts
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Service partner for Grohmann Engineering profile sealing systems

ATN’s reliable products guarantee superb application results, from material delivery to precision dispensing.

Product overview

ATN products are designed to realize and customize a host of application processes across the whole of industry.

Process overview

Application process automation is one of ATN’s core business areas. Whatever your process, we have the solution.

Process automation overview

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