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Cavity foaming – RIM (reaction injection moulding)

ATN’s RIM system is designed for foaming applications, such as injecting insulating foam in body cavities.

Reaction injection moulding (RIM) is used to fill cavities with a reactive mixture. The chemical reaction (‘R’) takes place immediately after mixing in the applicator’s mixing chamber. The applicator then injects (‘I’) the mixed material into the cavity. The reaction continues in the cavity, or mould (‘M’), and the reactive mixture cures.

ATN’s RIM system is specially designed for processing polyurethane foam. This is made from polyol and isocyanate in a polyaddition reaction where the two components form an isotropic material or a foam. When water is added, the reaction produces CO2, which influences the density of the foam.

Our system is based on our proven two-component dosing technology along with components developed specifically for the RIM process. The controller is designed to your in-house standards.

ATN’s RIM system enables precision dispensing and reliable processing of the raw materials. The choice of feed and dosing systems and selected application pressure depend on the viscosity and flow rate of your material.

Key components in the direct application process are the material supply system for the foam, plus dosing units and applicators for high-precision material metering and application. A recirculation system keeps the material moving at the right conditions for application to ensure its availability at all times.

ATN’s reliable products guarantee superb application results, from material delivery to precision dispensing.

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