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Quality & sustainability

We keep our quality levels transparent and measurable by certifying our processes under various standards. This ensures that we continuously develop and improve our management systems, comply with environmental protection principles and use resources sustainably.

Quality management system
certified to ISO 9001

Our processes are certified to ISO 9001, not only as a mark of quality for our customers, partners and suppliers but also a yardstick against which we can measure, develop and continuously improve our own work.

ISO 9001 certificate

If you have any questions concerning quality and process management, please contact Dirk Elfert, who will be happy to help.

Environmental management system certified to ISO 14001

To ensure that we use resources responsibly and sustainably, all our processes and our entire infrastructure are certified to ISO 14001. They are designed to prevent or minimize raw material waste and maximize raw material recycling capability.

ISO 14001 certificate

If you have any questions concerning environmental management, please contact Tim Neumann, who will be happy to help.

Occupational health and safety system certified to ISO 45001

To prevent work-related accidents, injuries and illness and protect the health of our employees in the workplace, our processes are certified to ISO 45001.


ISO 45001 certificate

If you have any questions concerning occupational health and safety, please contact Bernd Heider, who will be happy to help.

Values & Responsibility

The goal and motivation of our activity is to convince in competition with high quality and value of our products as well as through a successful and sustainable business activity, which carries and demonstrates our responsible role between economy, environment and people to the outside.

The Upper Lusatian climate protection network

Upper Lusatia in Saxony was the first region in Germany to set up an energy efficiency and climate protection network under a joint national initiative between government and the business community.

Press release (in German)

ATN joins climate neutrality network

Climate protection, energy efficiency and the responsible use of resources are topics that must not only be discussed and addressed on the global political stage, but whose implementation already begins in private households as well as directly in companies. ATN also feels responsible for doing everything in its power to offer future generations an intact environment that is worth living in. This task is difficult to realize alone and can only be accomplished in community. For this reason, ATN is grateful and proud of the cooperation and partner network that has been built up in over 20 years of company history.

This network also includes the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, with which ATN already cooperates in several areas, such as regional development, topics related to educational content or the promotion of scholarships. This has recently been supplemented by cooperation in the "Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Network Upper Lusatia 3". In addition to the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, the network sponsors are the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry  and the Saxon Energy Agency SAENA. This makes ATN one of over 2200 businesses showing their commitment to climate policy by joining the initiative across Germany.

Reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy

The network is part of a joint initiative between the federal government and the business community. As part of the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency (NAPE 2.0), by 2030 the network aims to save up to 6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions and up to 11 terawatt hours of final energy (energy consumed by end users).

Structured cross-company and cross-sector discussions in the alliance are geared towards improving energy efficiency in companies so as to meet these targets. By sharing experiences, best practice examples and specialist advice, members can develop their expertise in this area.

ATN takes energy efficiency seriously at its head office in Oppach

Quite apart from its involvement in the network, ATN is a long-standing proponent of energy efficiency. Since 2008, most of the company’s power and hot water requirements have been supplied by combined heat and power (CHP) plants that were built in conjunction with ATN’s premises in Oppach. And when it was time for the first site expansion, we added a large solar installation to the roof. The forthcoming third construction phase will boost these capabilities yet again, totalling 200 kW of electrical power from CHP and 430 kWp from solar panels.

Zu den langfristigen Unternehmenszielen der ATN gehören ein verantwortungsbewusster Umgang mit Umwelt und Ressourcen sowie die Investition in moderne Technologien zum Schutz des Klimas. Damit möchten wir für unsere eigenen Mitarbeiter, deren Familien und die Region den „Wirtschafts- und Lebensraum Oberlausitz“ bewahren und stärken.

ATN's long-term corporate goals include a responsible approach to the environment and resources as well as investing in modern technologies to protect the climate. In this way, we want to preserve and strengthen the "Upper Lusatia economic and living space" for our own employees, their families and the region.