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The ATN management team

Founded with just one employee in 1999 in the Saxon town of Oppach, ATN Hölzel GmbH is now a successful international concern with 450 staff, subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Spain and China, and a global customer base. We are a world leader in developing and producing state-of-the-art automation and application systems for the manufacturing industry.

Torsten Hölzel

Chief Executive Officer

Having worked in industrial bonding since 1991 when this technology was still in its infancy, qualified plant electronics technician Torsten Hölzel is a veteran of the field. After his first job as a programmer and commissioner, he joined forces with his brother and the team became self-employed in 1993. One of their main focuses at the time was the automotive sector, resulting in a network of industry contacts that later drove and inspired them to set up a company.

We built ATN on commitment and passion. We were a classic garage startup with a small team and, initially, very few of our own products. Today we are a well-established leader in application technologies with a wide product range, an industrious R&D department, international subsidiaries and satisfied customers all over the world. We as a company – and I as CEO – take pride in the way we’ve grown. We aspire to go on developing in just the same way, true to our values.

Torsten HölzelChief Executive Officer
Torsten Hölzel - Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer

Markus Mirtschink
Chief Technical Officer

Markus Mirtschink joined the company in 2000. Initially employed as an electrical design engineer, and from 2003 as a production manager, he is a computer science graduate and has been responsible for coordinating ATN’s engineering workflows and production planning since 2008 in his role as Technical Operations Manager. In 2013 he was appointed Chief Technical Officer at ATN Hölzel GmbH.

Markus Mirtschink - Technischer Geschäftsführer

The ATN storyA family-run business since 1999

ATN Hölzel GmbH brings together the very best of past and future: a strong sense of tradition combined with state-of-the-art engineering and new technologies.

ATN is helping to shape the future through innovation

  1. 2013

    ATN wins entrepreneur’s award

    Company founder and CEO Torsten Hölzel was awarded the Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband’s entrepreneurial prize in November 2013, in recognition of the company’s growth and its commitment to the region.

  2. 2013

    ATN scales up its head office in Oppach

    April 2013 saw the foundation stone ceremony for a new production and administration building. The new premises were to house an extended design and administration office for the application technology production area, a robotics and R&D test centre and the Research and Technology Development department.

  3. 2012

    Growing strong

    By late 2012, ATN was employing 250 staff at its head office in Oppach, Saxony and across its international locations. By tirelessly expanding its customer base, adopting an international focus and continuing to develop its product range, the company saw incoming orders increase to €30 million in the same year.

  4. 2010

    First international bases

    Between 2010 and 2012, ATN established its first international sites in the USA (Chattanooga), China (Changchun), Spain (Valencia) and Brazil (Saõ Paulo), triggering an increase in service quality for local customers. These two years were marked by strong growth throughout the entire company.

  5. 2009

    10th anniversary

    In January 2009, ATN Hölzel GmbH celebrated ten years in business as well as the official opening of its new headquarters. Having by now produced over 200 application and assembly systems, the company had become an application technology specialist, particularly in final assembly for the automotive industry. With over 100 staff and an annual turnover of over €11 million in these business areas, the firm continued growing at an impressive pace.

  6. 2008

    New premises

    The construction of the new company headquarters in 2008 also marked the start of ATN’s focus on developing and producing combined heat and power units. While the development was initially only planned for in-house energy supplies, it became an entire product range and a new cornerstone of the company’s services. In October 2008, the company moved to its new premises in Oppach, and changed its name from ATN Applikationstechnik Neugersdorf GmbH to ATN Hölzel GmbH.

  7. 2007

    Systems for the solar industry

    2007 saw ATN Applikationstechnik’s first opportunity to develop and produce systems for the solar industry. The company built one of the technical highlights of its history to date in the form of the world’s first fully automatic silicone brick joining and bonding system for Wacker Schott Solar in 2008.

    Meanwhile the company was still growing; space was getting tight at its headquarters in Neugersdorf. The production areas and the administration and design offices were simply no longer big enough, prompting the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony at the company’s future premises in Oppach, 15 km away, on 27 September 2007. The new site provided excellent infrastructure and options for further expansion, and the additional expense of the slightly longer commute for staff, most of whom came from the region around the previous location, was minimal.
    The official foundation stone ceremony was attended by Saxon Premier, Prof. Dr Georg Milbradt, and District Administrator, Günter Valentin, on 2 November 2007.

  8. 2005

    Widening the focus

    2005 and 2006 were characterised by a broader focus for ATN. In Genk, Belgium, we built our first plant for Ford – today one of our biggest customers. The fully automatic primer systems and fully automatic, bonded fitting of front seats in continuous operations were some of the new technical developments that emerged during this time.

  9. 2004

    An economic crisis

    For the first time in its history, 2004 saw the company faced with a year-on-year decline in orders due to the persistent economic crisis in Europe. This prompted ATN to expand its product range and client base – a crucial development that set a better course for the business, re-positioning it for the future.

  10. 2003

    The first fully automatic glazing and decking systems

    ATN built the first fully automatic glass gluing and decking systems for Volkswagen in Wolfsburg and Audi in Neckarsulm in 2003.

  11. 2002

    Outgrowing our space – time to relocate

    2002 marked ATN Applikationstechnik’s first relocation, prompted by a lack of space. Initially the new facility was once again at the premises of MBN Neugersdorf. With new in-house design, programming, production and project management departments, ATN’s present-day “everything under one roof” philosophy and structure began to take shape.
    Meanwhile Audi and Opel joined the company’s ever-increasing customer base in the German market, while ATN also expanded its activities in China.

  12. 2001

    "Gläserne Manufaktur"
    showcase factory in Dresden

    In 2001, in co-operation with MBN Neugersdorf, ATN Hölzel GmbH manufactured its first pure assembly system – fully automatic wheel assembly for the VW Phaeton for Volkswagen’s Gläserne Manufaktur showcase factory in Dresden. It also developed the first boostered bonding system for the automotive industry.

  13. 2000

    Our first systems for a location beyond Europe

    Soon after opening for business, ATN was already producing its first systems for a non-European location – systems for fitting cockpits, windows and DVD (roof vibration and sound damping) mats for FAW Volkswagen in Changchun.

  14. 1999

    Applikationstechnik Neugersdorf GmbH is founded

    Applikationstechnik Neugersdorf GmbH was founded by Torsten and Helge Hölzel, with partners MBN Maschinenbaubetriebe Neugersdorf GmbH and Röhr Steuerungstechnik GmbH, on 20 January 1999.

    ATN’s first headquarters were located at the premises of MBN Maschinenbaubetriebe Neugersdorf GmbH in Neugersdorf. Its first client was VW Slovakia, with an order for bonding systems for DVD (roof vibrations and sound damping mats) glue application and mounting in the VW Polo in Bratislava.

    At the end of its first year, ATN had 12 staff.