EVD - electro-volumetric dosing system


With its electro-volumetric dosing systems product range, ATN covers the volume ranges from 1.2 cm³ to 1,000 cm³ The electrically driven dosing systems offer the best possible control and dosing features, can be used for low to highest viscous materials and do not require any further components or aggregates. The split into a material handling part and a drive part makes the unit easy to maintain.

Processable materials

  • Low to high viscosity materials
  • Abrasive and aggressive materials
  • High-filled materials
  • 1K-and 2K-applications
  • Low and high pressure applications
  EVD 1,2 EVD 80 EVD 155 EVD 560
Volume 1,2 cm³ 78,0 cm³ 152,0 cm³ 555,0 cm³
Max. volume flow 1,0 cm³/s 28,7 cm³/s 44,8 cm³/s 96,2 cm³/s
  EVD 10+ EVD 100+ EVD 550+ EVD 850+
Volume 9,8 cm³ 97,6 cm³ 517,0 cm³ 850,0 cm³
Max. volume flow 1,09 cm³/s 17,8 cm³/s 26,0 cm³/s 77,0 cm³/s

Options for electro-volumetric dosing system EVD

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