Application towers

ATN-application towers are used for primer and adhesive applications as well as for cleaning or component activation within full and semi-automatic production plants The application processes of priming and adhering or cleaning and priming can be combined in an application tower. Depending on customer requirements or plant requirements, it is possible to expand or add a functional extension to the application towers on an individual basis.

Alternative material application styles for the application tower are robot or hand application (e.g. emergency strategy).


The components are guided by the robot and the application head is controlled by the robot as an external axis in a fully automated plant with application tower. The advantages of a plant with application tower include e.g. low space requirements, process simplification, a compact and low maintenance plant structure and a fast application process. These factors are, however, always dependent on the plant.


Our customers have the choice between different designs of application towers for various uses. The selection of the most suitable application tower is based on the application type (activation, cleaning, priming, gluing), the shape and size of components and existing or required customer standards.

Application tower priming

For the application of primers.


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Gluing and dosing technology

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