As a builder of special machinery, ATN Hölzel GmbH’s core competencies lie in application technology and automation. The automotive industry is one of our biggest clients. This very sophisticated, quality-conscious industry is also an indicator of the quality of our application technology, which is used worldwide.

But our products are also used in other industrial fields, such as the solar industry, supplier industry, or industries in which components are applied or bonded.

As automation specialists, we are similarly able to design and implement relevant system concepts in the various stages of automation for our application technology. Exactly as per the company philosophy Opens internal link in current windowEverything under one roof.

Dosing systems

ATN's dosing units enable precise dosing of all kinds of materials, from low viscosity to highly viscous.

Our dosing systems

Nozzle cleaning systems

High-quality, consistent material application requires regular nozzle cleaning, and ATN provides various cleaning systems for this.

Our nozzle cleaning systems

Material hoses

The application material is transported from the vat emptying systems to the dosing systems via heated or unheated, flexible material hoses or through fixed piping.

Our material hoses

Application control

ATN’s IFC application control facility controls all ATN application components for regulated material application.

Our application control

Terms of purchase and delivery

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Gluing and dosing technology

An overview of our Application technology can be found in our brochure
Initiates file downloadApplication technology

Mieten & Leasen

Ob Ausglaich von Produktionsspitzen oder Planungssicherheit bei anfallenden Kosten - unsere Miet- und Leasingangebote sind eine flexible Alternative für unsere Kunden. Mehr Informatiionen Opens internal link in current windowhier.