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The application of a wide range of materials today plays a major role in industrial production. Improving surface qualities, joining various materials, casting components or filling cavities with foam involves using a number of liquids, adhesives and casting compounds. These applications replace or supplement conventional processes in many areas, such as bonding, where classic joining processes are particularly replaced or combined with positive bonding properties.

As a specialist in application and automation systems, ATN Hölzel GmbH has extensive experience and technical know-how in developing, manufacturing and commissioning application technology systems and components. Over 1,000 bonding and dosing systems are being used worldwide for various application processes in over 300 automation systems or countless individual applications. The processable product features range from highly viscous to low viscosity, highly filled, abrasive or even aggressive.

  • Vat emptying systems
  • Heating hoses
  • Dosing systems
  • Application heads
  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Quality monitoring
  • Application towers
  • Mobile application stations
ATN application technology

Take advantage of our experience, the tried-and-tested ATN bonding technology, and our sophisticated, economical system concepts. Our product range contains all the components necessary for your desired application or automated production process.

As one of the world’s leading companies for automated application systems, we also develop your process to the required degree of automation – from hand application to fully automated systems. ATN’s application technology and automation is thus used in a wide range of industrial areas, such as the automotive, supplier and plastics industry.

Below are some examples of the tasks we complete with our application systems:

  • Cleaning and priming components
  • Fitting and gluing components (e.g. gluing front, rear and side windows or fitting panorama roofs)
  • Fitting roof strengthening absorption
  • Fitting spare-wheel wells and tank covers
  • Gluing various attachments
  • Seam sealing
  • Filling cavities with foam
  • Casting components
  • Gluing modules

ATN application technology

The video shows varios application such as preparation and gluing with ATN application technology.

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Gluing and dosing technology

An overview of our Application technology can be found in our brochure
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